2022-04-24 07:48:17 By : Ms. Linda Guo

The humble kitchen trash can often receives flack for being smelly, nasty and a total eye sore. But it’s also hands-down one of the most hardworking products in your kitchen. Without it, where would you toss your expired leftovers, moldy produce and all that bulky packaging from your weekly grocery haul? So it’s crucial to invest in a solid option that works with your lifestyle. And thankfully, unlike trash cans of yore, modern waste disposal systems are actually designed to look good and are loaded up with features that make a necessary chore as pleasant as possible

Simplehuman's smart kitchen trash can opens with a wave of your hand, or if your hands are full and ... [+] you can't move from where you’re standing, you can open the trash can by simply saying “open can."

When it comes to buying a kitchen trash can, you’ll want to keep in mind the material, design and capacity. Opt for a stainless steel finish that tends to be fingerprint-proof and easy to clean, especially with a microfiber cloth. Plus, it looks sleek and stylish while emitting less odor than plastic trash cans.

As for design and capacity, kitchen trash cans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose one based on the size of your kitchen and the number of people living in your home. From smart trash cans that flip open at the sound of your voice to options that are sleek, shiny and designed for smaller spaces, here are the best trash cans for your kitchen.

Simplehuman’s hands-free trash can is designed to be space-saving and easily fits in most kitchens (yes, even the very narrow ones). The silent close lid keeps things whisper quiet, while the durable foot pedal can withstand over 150,000 steps every single day. Best of all, the shiny stainless steel exterior has a fingerprint-proof finish to prevent your trash can from looking as messy as its contents. As for trash bags, Simplehuman’s trash cans come custom liners made from extra-thick plastic that do not slip, rip or tear. Once you run out of those, you can always use regular trash bags or buy the brand’s trash bags separately.

Whether you hate making frequent trips to the trash room or have a bigger family that generates a lot of trash, Glad’s large stainless steel step trash can is a great choice. It can hold a whopping 20 gallons of garbage, while the Clorox odor protection kicks in every time you open the lid, preventing nasty odors from infiltrating your kitchen. And don’t worry about your trash bag collapsing on you and creating a mess in the bin, the trash can includes metal rings that keep the liner firmly in place. There’s also a rear storage compartment to store extra trash bags.

Maximize your limited kitchen space with the Amazon Basics soft-close step trash can. The removable heavy duty plastic interior bucket makes for easy garbage disposal. And the stay-open mode helps the lid stay up as you swap over 10 gallons of trash for a new liner, while the non-slip rubber pads on the bottom will keep your trash can in place throughout the entire liner-changing process. Once you’re finished, the soft-close lid will quietly close shut over the trash can, and the whole thing fits neatly in your small kitchen.

Barbantia’s Newicon step-on trash can offer the same hands-free access as the fancier touchless and voice-activated models, but at a fraction of the cost. The retro design works with most kitchen aesthetics, while the bag fastener, removable inner plastic bucket and non-slip base make dealing with the trash easier. With 12 color options to choose from, you’ll have a trash can that won’t feel out of place even in the most Insta-worthy of kitchens.

The Bamboozle bamboo compost bin’s petite size makes it a discreet option for storing your kitchen scraps for compost. It’s made of biodegradable bamboo fiber and melamine so it will not only look great sitting on your countertop, but it’s also eco-friendly. The bamboo handle helps you to easily carry it from your kitchen to your backyard, community garden or wherever else you take your compost.

Avoid touching your garbage lid and exposing yourself to more germs with the iTouchless SensorCan. To open the trash can, simply wave your hand over the sensor on the lid. The trash can can be powered by the included plug-in power adapter or four D batteries. However, it uses power only when needed and has three times the battery life of other sensor garbage cans so you won’t have to constantly plug it in or replace the batteries. Plus, it has an AbsorbX naturally activated carbon odor filter to neutralize your trash odors—another common feature of the brand’s trash cans.

Treat yourself and your kitchen to Simplehuman’s most advanced trash can, with voice and motion control. With a wave of your hand the sensor will open the lid or if your hands are full and you can’t move from where you’re standing, you can open it by simply saying “open can,” and its three microphones will work to instantly recognize your voice. The lid lifts to give you access to the liner so there is no need to remove the lid completely when you’re ready to take out the trash. You can also store a 20-pack of simplehuman liners inside the trash can for convenient liner replacement. The motor powering the trash can fits aptly inside the hinge and runs quietly at 52 decibels. It can also be powered by the plug-in power adapter or six AA alkaline batteries.

Combining recycling and trash into one kitchen bin gives you the chance to sort your trash efficiently. Simplehuman’s dual compartment trash can features two durable and removable inner buckets. The trash can itself has built-in wheels so you won’t have to worry about carrying two bulky bags on trash day.

Simplehuman’s trash cans are surprisingly pricey, but this option stands out for being affordable and practical. Despite its slim size, it can store over 10 gallons of trash. It has several features that will make it one of your practical kitchen product favorites, including a silent close lid, a stay-open feature and a slide lock to keep the lid closed from your prying children and pets. It also has built-in wheels to make transporting the trash from your kitchen to the curb an effortless task.

If you’re worried about your trash can taking up significant room in your small kitchen, consider hiding it under the sink. This clever option from simplehuman comes with an all-steel frame, full extension ball-bearing tracks and a sturdy steel handle that allows you to pull your trash can out of your cabinet as quickly as possible.

Take your iTouchless Glide sensor trash can with you to your latest kitchen spill. This kitchen trash can features removable wheels and a wheel lock to keep it in place when you prefer it stationary as you cleanup your kitchen mess. The carbon odor filter within this trash can eliminates smells so you’re not wheeling stinky trash odors around the kitchen.

Toss your leftover tuna sandwich without worrying about your curious furry friend getting their little paws on it thanks to the iTouchless Wings-Open sensor trash can. This trash can features a carbon odor filter and a PetGuard lock which work in conjunction to keep your pets from sniffing out the trash and going dumpster diving in your kitchen.