Fiberon and CAMO EDGE, EDGEX, and STARTER Clips

2022-04-24 07:31:07 By : Mr. Stephen Yuan

CAMO and Fiberon have partnered to offer Fiberon EDGE, EDGEX, and STARTER Clips to Fiberon’s entire dealer network. Together, Fiberon and CAMO offer comprehensive fastening solutions for Fiberon grooved deck boards. Fiberon EDGE, EDGEX, and STARTER Clips are all warranted for use with Fiberon grooved-edge deck boards. Both EDGE and EDGEX Clips are said to eliminate the need for partial installation. EDGE Clips (90º deck patterns) hug the joist, while EDGEX Clips (any deck pattern) fit in the board groove, allowing contractors to set multiple rows of boards and clips in place before fastening with the NEVER-MISS Guide included in every pail. STARTER Clips offer a fastener-free deck surface.

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